Five years ago, visionaries Ken Varejes, Tyron Martin, and Tanner Rock embarked on an ambitious journey. Despite initial skepticism from competitors and internal self-doubt, they’ve significantly impacted the out-of-home media landscape in South Africa.

The past half-decade has been tumultuous, to say the least. Reveel has navigated through the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic and has redefined the essence of out-of-home advertising, standing as a pillar of innovation.

Reveel has never been satisfied with being just another name in the industry; it strives for distinction. Tanner explains, “When you think of Reveel, you envision differentiation in size, style, and essence.” The company has been strategic, choosing to prioritise quality over quantity. “We may not have thousands of sites, but the ones we do have received a considerable amount of effort to ensure they are bigger, bolder, and distinctively different.”

A recent message from an industry peer highlighted this sentiment: “Reveel looks like it tells a great story and has great thinking behind it.” This observation encapsulates the company’s ethos over the years—our unwavering dedication to being remarkable and crafting a story with every structure we create, going beyond mere functionality to forge legends.

One of the highlights in Reveel’s story is the Innovocean partnership with Tractor for the V&A Waterfront pitch/concession. “The pitch process alone spanned almost a year, and what has followed can only be described as magical,” Tanner reflects with pride.

Yet, what distinguishes Reveel isn’t just its portfolio of high-quality sites or its transformative partnerships—it’s the team. “Our success is due to our team—the same talented group from the start—is the true foundation of Reveel,” Tyron acknowledges. “Although we are a small team of nine, it’s the calibre of people we’ve employed, all of whom bring passion and enthusiasm daily, that makes us especially proud.”
“Reveel is synonymous with stunning, iconic digital screens and premium out-of-home experiences. We’ve revolutionised what was once a saturated and highly competitive market. With our dedicated team, we aim to reach even higher milestones,” Tyron concludes.

Here’s to Reveel – celebrating five years of passion, commitment, and a transformative vision in the out-of-home advertising realm. The journey is far from over, and the most exciting chapters are yet to be written!

Authors: Tanner Rock & Tyron Martin



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